Pro-Wrestling X Streewear

Joel2Sleep is a clothing store based out of the Bay Area. We mix pro-wrestling with the best streetwear designs/styles.


Joel2sleep started as an instagram account to help express my's fandom for pro-wrestling. Derived from one of my favorite wrestlers, Hideo Itami aka KENTA's finishing move, I created the account to have a platform to share my interest with the world.

During mid 2015 while planning my trip to WM32, I realized that most of my wrestling tees were made with subpar quality, had embarrassing quotes or was only cool because it was "vintage". With some photoshop experience and my affinity for streetwear fashion, I began designing tees I would be proud to wear. I went on to mashup 20 T-shirt designs to wear at that WM weekend.

As a way to show appreciation, I decided to give a shirt to some wrestlers during WM weekend. Most notably "The Boss" Sasha Banks, who went on to rock the "Legit Moon" Tee during a promotion for WWE 2K. The Legit Moon tee received a lot of attention, the follows grew immensely and the demand was there. I decided to try selling one shirt, then another, and now you are visiting the site trying getting to know us!

Joel2Sleep started as one person's platform to show off their fandom without being embarrassed, and it has grown to become a platform for others to show that you can be a fan of pro-wrestling and also be fashionably conscious. From slinging shirts out of my beat up Hyundai to building relationships with all wrestling fans, I take pride in bringing you high quality products equal to other streetwear companies to keep you fresh AF.